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Kenneth Muyingo


Have you ever stopped to realize the importance of our thoughts and how everything we do starts with thought, It does not matter, whether it’s a plan  to change geographical location, to move to a different county; an idea to write a book and share your experience and life lessons with the world ,or to quit smoking, to give yourself the gift of fresh air. Even our feelings come out of the thoughts that we think? It all starts with our minds, we then decide to follow or not follow this first raw thought that has caused certain curiosity.

“A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.” 
 Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

 The human brain and especially how powerful our mind is, has become interesting to me. Think about it, every single move we make, even the smallest action or move of a finger starts with a thought that occurs in our brain. The same way, our thoughts, which are ideas or opinions produced by thinking. That which occurs abruptly in our in our minds is the cause of everything we do, or everything we do not do. It’s how everything starts for us.


When we start to think about what we think about and the direct impact it has on our lives, we realize then, how important and how powerful our thoughts are. The place we find ourselves right now, the way our life is and the results we now have, all come out of the thoughts we had in the past. The only way that we can change our lives, the way we talk, the way we act or not act, kind of goals set for ourselves and who we eventually aspire to become all depend solely, or at least they must begin somewhere in our line of thoughts. At any given moment, the gap between where we are and where we would like to be is the thinking gap.

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